Monday, June 14, 2010

Having a goood time!

After about 30 hours of traveling I did get to Ghana (success). When we got in (at 6.45) it was dark! Apparently it gets dark at like 6, weird. We got a ride to our BEAUtiful hotel in Accra and just as was ready to go to bed, Hridi (a friend from school who has been living in Kumasi [about 4 hours from Accra]) came in the door! It was awesome.
Then on Saturday, we went to the mall (ya, Accra has a mall!) and we bought phones. It ends up my new phone is nicer than my old phone, cause it has radio (which is awesome here) and sudoku (which was helpful last night when I couldnt sleep).. I also have free incoming calls and texts. Hridi was SO helpful even though she had never been in Accra really, just her 3 weeks of Ghananess made our weekend so easy and happy. She also had contacted a cousin of one of her friends at u of t who took us around and about Accra. His name was Eric and he was also super awesome/helpful.
On Sunday Ghana won their football game! And today (monday) we did some orientation stuff with WUSC. One of the women who work here took us to a place for lunch and I got some fufu (youtube/google it) and it had fish in the sauce (i could tell by the bones):( Anywho, I ate up what I could and oh man it was filling. Imagine eating like a bocce ball sized ball of raw pizza dough, ya, that's what they expected me to do.
So in the upcoming week I'll be looking for a place to stay and start work. I will keep you posted.

> news! gmail has free texting!

ps, it is hot... like beads of sweat everywhere ALL of the time. im told i will get used to it :S

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  1. It's starting off great! Just remember, that which starts sweet ends bitter!!!! ...oh no, just kidding :P

    Oh brianna, you're a world away and everything must be so super new and awesome. So I can text you for free free?